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Kamal Khetan’s Success Comes from his Ideology of Always Placing the Needs of the Residents First

Sunteck Realty Ltd. development portfolio boasts an area of 24million sq ft., with over 24 projects and 4 rented assets. It is currently listed as one of the top real estate companies in the entire country. However unlike most of the country’s real estate tycoons, the founder of Sunteck Realty Ltd. Mr. Kamal Khetan didn’t have immense capital and a rich family history. He began his venture into real estate with Sunteck Realty with limited capital to his name. His company took off after he acquired a commercial office space in the Bandra Kurla Complex. What defines Kamal Khetan’s passion towards residential real estate? The answer lies within his projects.

Interior Benefits
These luxurious 2, 3, 4 & 5BHK apartments offer residents with excellent indoor facilities. Turning empty spaces into fully functioning interiors with interiors fits for a king. If having excellent interior designers were not enough Kamal Khetan partnered with Sussanne Khan’s led Charcoal Project for interior designing of Signia Skys, his award winning project. However limiting Mr. Khetan was not an option. However his boldest venture was with the world famous Walt Disney Company to design Disney themed interiors for his luxury real estate society Sunteck City Avenue 1 and Sunteck City Avenue 2.

Exterior Benefits
 Mr. Khetan was well aware than interior amenities wouldn’t suffice to draw people in. He would need to create exteriors that challenged conventional thinking. For this he had to consider interests of different segments of society. For fitness freaks gymnasiums, club houses, swimming pools, game rooms and health clubs. For people longing for relaxations spas and beautiful landscape gardens were constructed. Some projects boats a banquet hall to provide residents an area to host important functions or occasions. Not forgetting special play areas for the children. These projects also provide top-of-the-line security for residents.

One of the main factors that brought Kamal Khetan so much success in the realty sector is his dedication to the residents. Every interior and exterior aspect of these projects focus on the need and comforts of the residents. Over the past few years Mr. Khetan’s success has grown immensely. His two major projects Signia Skys and Signature Island have gained award winning status. Today a number of major executives and celebrities are opting for residence in his lavish projects. Kamal Khetan has come a long way since we began his company Sunteck Realty Ltd. on a miniscule budget.


Kamal Khetan: Vision Turned Reality

When Kamal Khetan first ventured into the real estate industry little did he realize that his business would reach such unimaginable heights, but the hard work and effort he put into the company was always bound to persevere. Today Mr. Kamal Khetan’s company Sunteck Realty is listed as one of India’s top real estate companies. Its common news that Mr Khetan’s real estate machine Sunteck Realty has a number of realty projects in Mumbai. To mention Sunteck Realty sells or leases residential and commercial properties is a no doubt true. But is a mere understatement of the company’s true purpose.

Under Mr. Khetan’s leadership Sunteck Realty has transformed the way people are looking at luxury real estate. His beliefs though simple, made life for engineers complex. Having set extremely high standards for his residential master pieces Mr. Khetan knew full well the price of failure. But it did not deter his will. Mr. Khetan anticipated a rise in the demand for luxury apartments in the city as its financial district of Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) came to life. His beliefs were simple, “with a number of new business starting up in the city, there would arise a need for more apartment complexes as well as a need for commercial spaces, to start setting up offices.” But residents wanted more than just 2BHK and 3BHK apartments. They wanted homes and communities. What concluded were ordinary apartments with the most luxurious of amenities and facilities which cater to the needs of even the most demanding residents.

One of the most fascinating facts about Sunteck Realty, are its outdoor amenities that contribute to the whole community atmosphere. Whether its gymnasiums for fitness oriented folks, children play areas for kids to make new friends, indoor gaming facilities for people to explore their competitive spirit, beautiful landscape gardens and jogging paths for some much needed cardio, temperature regulated swimming pools for residents to cool off together during the hot months of summer or multi-purpose halls for occasions or events, Sunteck Realty provides the perfect community setting.

A number of Sunteck’s astounding projects have received positive media attention. Two projects in particular that won awards at the Realty Plus Excellence Awards 2014. It was only until recently former beauty queen and Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai Bachan purchased an apartment in Signia Isles in Bandra Kurla Complex while Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor acquired a duplex apartment in Signature Island. Surely over the past decade Kamal Khetan has changed the face of the real estate industry in Mumbai and is certainly getting things done to perfection.


Kamal Khetan – The Mind Behind The MNC

Originally hailing from Mumbai, Kamal Khetan came from humble beginnings. He studied engineering in Manglore University and getting his degree in Electronics and Communication, before joining his family’s small business in the construction industry. Mr. Kamal Khetan established Sunteck Realty in the year 2000. In 2005 Sunteck Realty made considerable progress by making inroads in the real estate development sector with a joint venture on a commercial property in the suburb of Vile Parle. Sunteck Realty has since made a reputable name for itself in the real estate sector by developing first-rate office buildings and commercial spaces for international companies and the elite upper class of India, especially in Mumbai’s latest commercial district of Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC).  SRL boasts of a city centric development portfolio of about 25 million square feet spread across 24 projects at various stages of development and 4 rented assets. Each one of these 24 luxurious projects has raised the bar for real estate development in the country.
The Award Winning Projects
However two of these projects stand out from the rest. Signature Island and Signia Skys are two award winning projects from Sunteck Realty Ltd. The flagship project of the company ‘Signature Island’ at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) was conferred with the title of the Luxury project of the year – Residential, while the luxurious Signia Skys was conferred with the Theme Project of the Year. Kamal Khetan has innovative and positive taught process is the reason for Sunteck’s immense success.
A Bold New Initiative
Sunteck Realty has linked up with Disney and Marvel to promote their new residential projects. Kamal Khetan believes that the Marvel and Disney characters resonate childhood moments and happiness, which the new project is aimed at achieving. Mr. Khetan believes that this bold new campaign is a positive step leading Sunteck Realty down the right path towards progress. Sunteck’s dedication and conviction towards changing the way the occupants of Mumbai perceive life in the city, is a gift of its iconic leader, Mr. Kamal Khetan. Mr. Khetan doesn’t take the term lead by example lightly. Mr. Khetan’s devotion to leadership excellence is obviated by his founding of and being a member of several organisations that aim to groom and inculcate leadership values in the next generation of leaders. He plays a major role in the ‘Young Presidents’ Organization, MRICS (Member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and the Council of Governors board of APREA. His commitments and achievements are a testament to excellence, both in the present and for the future.


Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck Project Reviews

Mr. Kamal Khetan started Sunteck Realty Ltd. in 2000 and since then, the company has achieved various milestones in the real estate sector. Sunteck project reviews have always been positive be it in the residential or commercial property segment.

Sunteck City-Avenue 2 is one of the reputed projects by Mr. Kamal Khetan that brought the magic of Disney to India’s realty sector for the first time ever. Disney Consumer Products (India) collaborated with Sunteck Realty Ltd. to launch Disney-inspired homes in the city including, Disney-inspired interiors and exteriors for kids and families. This project is located in Goregaon.

Sunteck City-Avenue 2 was launched to offer an opportunity for Indian families to experience Disney magic in their homes. These homes have Disney branded furnishings, color palettes, home décor products, bath fittings and bedding products. This project helped Sunteck differentiate their offerings with other real estate players in the market. It brought niche living spaces to discerning customers in Mumbai.

Kamal Khetan- A Visionary Businessman

Mr. Kamal Khetan has always believed in delivering dreams homes that offer a holistic environment and exciting atmosphere for families. The company has been catering to the luxury and ultra-luxury segment of Mumbai’s real estate market. It boasts of a portfolio that includes development of around 25 million square feet. This development portfolio is spread across 24 projects at various stages of development. It also includes four rented assets.

Some of the Sunteck Realty brands include names like Sunteck City, Signia and Signature. The company also has some prestigious partners and shareholders.

Mr. Kamal Khetan took Sunteck to new heights under his supervision. Not only the company was listed as one of the top ten real estate companies in India but his name was also mentioned twice in Forbes, a globally-read business magazine.


Kamal Khetan’s Life and Achievements in Real Estate Sector

Mr. Kamal Khetan is a known name in the real estate industry of India. As the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Sunteck Realty Ltd. he has transformed the luxury real estate scene of Mumbai to a great extent.

Kamal Khetan’s Life and Achievements in Real Estate Sector

Originally from Mumbai, Mr. Khetan studied engineering from Mangalore University. After getting a degree in Electronics and Communication, he joined his family’s construction business. One thing led to the other and he started his own real estate development company named Sunteck Realty Ltd. in 2000. This Mumbai-based firm was started to cater to the luxury and ultra-luxury housing sector in the city.

With Mr. Kamal Khetan’s vision and expertise, Sunteck has created a varied portfolio under its belt. He has been associated with various bodies related to the property sector such as the ‘Young Presidents’ Organization and Member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). He is also a member of the Asian Public Real Estate Association (APREA) on the Council of Governor’s Board.

In order to target multinational firms, Mr. Khetan opened a business centre at the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. This centre went on to become the new financial epicentre in Mumbai. His company reached new heights under his leadership and his residential and commercial projects enjoyed a distinguished set of clients and customers.

Mr. Kamal Khetan’s name was featured twice in Forbes India Rich List which is a globally-read business magazine. His dynamic personality and knack for finance and management has been an inspiration for many. With the help of a talented team, his company Sunteck Realty became one of the top 10 listed real estate companies in the country, providing a unique residential experience to the customers.


An Overview of Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck Developments

Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck developments have always been in news for innovation and quality. This Mumbai-based real estate development company mainly caters to the ultra-luxury and luxury residential segment, touting a development portfolio of around 25 million square feet, spread across 24 projects and 4 rented assets.

Known for strong project execution skills, Mr. Kamal Khetan has taken Sunteck Realty to new heights. Since its inception in 2000, the company went on to become one of the top 10 listed real estate companies in India. The company has also won various awards and accolades for constructing real estate marvels in and around Mumbai city. It enjoys a list of prestigious clients who own ultra luxury homes in the city.

Reportedly, Kamal Khetan’s company is expecting sales revenue of 1000 Crore INR in the next two and a half years with the launch of four new projects in Mumbai. These projects will be located in Navi Mumbai, Bandra Kurla Complex, Andheri and Borivali.

According to Mr. Kamal Khetan, combining all the proposed projects, development of around 1 million square feet will be translating into 1000 Crore revenue in the coming years. He also said that these launches can be considered an extension of Sunteck’s strategy to provide premium residential units in the micro markets of the city.

If you have been thinking of buying a property in Mumbai, there are several ongoing residential projects by Sunteck in which you might end up finding your dream home. Some of the ongoing projects are Sunteck Signia High located in Kandivali East, Sunteck City Avenue-2 in Goregaon West, Sunteck Signia Isles in Bandra East and Sunteck Signia Pearl in Bandra West.

Mr. Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck Realty Ltd. believes in creating opulent homes that are perfect for buyers who wish to settle for nothing less than the best.


The Inspiring Journey of Kamal Khetan

Journey of Kamal Khetan into the real estate industry has been quite inspiring.  He started his company Sunteck Realty Ltd. in 2000 with limited capital and went on to make it one of the top 10 listed realty companies in India. Under his leadership, Sunteck Realty Ltd. transformed the luxury property scene in Mumbai.

Foray into Real Estate Development

In 2009, Kamal Khetan was ranked as 91st richest man in India by Forbes, a globally-read business magazine. He founded his company in 2000 but forayed into real estate development in 2005 with a joint venture on a commercial property in Mumbai. This property was located in the suburbs of Vile Parle. Since then there has been no looking back. Today, residential as well as commercial projects by Sunteck enjoy a list of prestigious clients including industrialists and celebrities. In the commercial property sector, Mr. Kamal Khetan’s company has developed various world-class office buildings and commercial complexes, serving the needs of blue chip Indian as well as international companies.

The financial performance of Mr. Kamal Khetan’s company has been strong and consistent. It also enjoys a strong investor interest. Sunteck did total sales of 3000 Crore INR between 2008 and 2013 compared to the 100 Crore sale in 2007. These numbers have been achieved by the company without much leveraging of its balance sheet. Compared to other real estate development companies that continue to grapple with heavy debt and low sales, Sunteck has always managed to attract investors.

The company has created shareholder value and recorded exponential growth through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Some of the most outstanding accomplishments of Sunteck have been possible due to Kamal Khetan’s expertise and knowledge of the real estate sector. He has always acted as the visionary entrepreneur, taking the company to new heights.

The Future of Bandra Kurla Complex

In 1977, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) was appointed as the Special Planning Authority that was to envision and develop the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). The Bandra Kurla Complex was made to create an alternate commercial area in order to halt the growth of office complexes and commercial districts in South Mumbai. Bandra Kurla Complex covers 370 hectares of land on either side of the Mithi River, Vakola Nalla and Mahim Creek. The rivers were channelized in order to reduce pollution in the area. There is over 8 million square feet of stock office space featuring 2.5 million square feet in addition which was developed around 2012 and furthermore space earmarked for the future of Bandra Kurla Complex. MMRDA has developed 19 hectares of land in the ‘E’ Block of BKC. Around 16% of the BKC complex is vacant.

“During 2010 and 2011, there was a certain uneasiness amongst tenants due to terrorist activity as well as the economic slowdown. However, with the economy picking up, business has gone back to its booming usual and even today there have been massive inclusions into the BKC as Deutsche Bank and First Rand Bank have also made large deals for office space in the complex for development in 2013 and 2014” says Kamal Ketan, owner of Sunteck Realty which has tie ups with Disney and has substantial projects underway in BKC. The Bandra Kurla complex has long been the center for economic prowess and along with Dalal Street remains few of the most iconic commercial districts in Mumbai.

Conditions in BKC shifted from favoring tenants to favoring landlords in 2013. Rent correction and slight increments in rent from previous quarters have shown that the market has bottomed out. Short term tenants always have opportunities however long term spaces and rental options have dwindled towards the end of 2012 and the start of 2013. Few tenants have chosen to move to lower priced markets such as Lower Parel. This mini exodus or shift of favor towards the lower priced markets has prompted questions regarding the future of the Bandra Kurla Complex. Larger firms are taking advantage of their leverage in terms of capital to consolidate holdings in the complex and smaller firms are finding it difficult to find profitable office spaces at a decent rent bracket. ‘The Complex has become a sort of elite corporate sub center. Perhaps there are only going to be large firms and multi-national companies having offices here. It is becoming too expensive and only the really big fish can swim here. Kamal Khetan is very sure of his company, Sunteck Realty serving elite clients via its premium BKC projects – Signia Isles, Signature Island and Signia Pearl.


Kamal Khetan -The Lexicon of Luxury Marketing & its Emergence in Real Estate

The demand for luxury goods is at an all time high. It is not just a mere want any more, but a need among the upwardly mobile to have the next best thing. Be it the newest ‘it ‘ hand bag that costs more than the average annual earnings of an average urban professional or the latest in premium automobiles that make even driving down the block a style statement. The allure of the luxury product lies not just in its hefty price tag, quality and the fact that only a select few can actually afford to possess them, but also in the way these goods are marketed. Luxury marketing across the board has also been about its exclusivity. There are no inundations in the media with multiple advertisement campaigns and no material being pushed down our throat.

Word of mouth publicity, select outreach to a confined circle and a few well timed announcements that do a world of good to intrigue the ones that aspire to own and inform the ones that can actually partake in the said goods. The arena of luxury marketing is definitely an extremely interesting and one that is more than just about the product value, quality and brand image. It is also about the emotion that the name invokes, a feeling of having made it if you will, and also what the brand ultimately symbolizes. For example, jewellery giant Tiffany’s is come to be known as a representative of allusive luxury, beauty and love. And who can forget Audrey Hepburn in the classic film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ standing outside the storefront hoping for more from her life making do with gazing at the glittering baubles, a symbol of something greater. That is the power of an exclusive luxury product.

Another industry that is greatly benefiting from these kinds of strategies is real estate. With rise of premium and luxury real estate, luxury marketing has now been extended to the real estate industry as well. Buyers are getting more and more discerning and wanting a certain je ne sais quoi that comes along with their homes and business spaces. Few real estate companies have managed to tap into the ultra luxury market with the focus and niche vision like Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck. Word of mouth publicity and a confined circle marketing tactic has raised as much interest as the great quality and amenities promised and delivered by the company. With offerings that have become synonymous with luxury, the company spearheaded by the dynamic Kamal Khetan have tapped into the power of this niche form of marketing and other real estate honchos are sure to follow suit.