Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck Project Reviews

Mr. Kamal Khetan started Sunteck Realty Ltd. in 2000 and since then, the company has achieved various milestones in the real estate sector. Sunteck project reviews have always been positive be it in the residential or commercial property segment.

Sunteck City-Avenue 2 is one of the reputed projects by Mr. Kamal Khetan that brought the magic of Disney to India’s realty sector for the first time ever. Disney Consumer Products (India) collaborated with Sunteck Realty Ltd. to launch Disney-inspired homes in the city including, Disney-inspired interiors and exteriors for kids and families. This project is located in Goregaon.

Sunteck City-Avenue 2 was launched to offer an opportunity for Indian families to experience Disney magic in their homes. These homes have Disney branded furnishings, color palettes, home décor products, bath fittings and bedding products. This project helped Sunteck differentiate their offerings with other real estate players in the market. It brought niche living spaces to discerning customers in Mumbai.

Kamal Khetan- A Visionary Businessman

Mr. Kamal Khetan has always believed in delivering dreams homes that offer a holistic environment and exciting atmosphere for families. The company has been catering to the luxury and ultra-luxury segment of Mumbai’s real estate market. It boasts of a portfolio that includes development of around 25 million square feet. This development portfolio is spread across 24 projects at various stages of development. It also includes four rented assets.

Some of the Sunteck Realty brands include names like Sunteck City, Signia and Signature. The company also has some prestigious partners and shareholders.

Mr. Kamal Khetan took Sunteck to new heights under his supervision. Not only the company was listed as one of the top ten real estate companies in India but his name was also mentioned twice in Forbes, a globally-read business magazine.

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