Smart Apartment Renting Tips From Kamal Khetan

Owning your own home may be the ultimate dream, but for many of us renting a flat or apartment may be the perfect and most doable short term solution. When looking for an apartment to rent big cities offer a plethora of options to choose from small as well as big time real estate companies like Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck Realty. Lakhs of young urban professionals, students and young families look for rented accommodation every year and while many searches result in the most fruitful results, you do hear of horror stories as well.

In order to make sure that your renting journey is a pleasant one, there are a few precautions you must take as a tenant. Here are a few steps you would be wise to not give a skip to -

Research the area: Although renting a flat may seem like a short term option (depending on the tenure of the lease agreement) it is still somewhere you will be living for a considerable amount of time. Don’t just take an agent’s word regarding the pros and cons of the locality the house is based in. Do a check of your own, preferably on foot to get a better look and get a feel of the place. It is a good way to gauge the safety and security of the neighborhood in question as well as get an idea of the amenities and public transport options the area will afford you.

Read the fine print: Don’t just sign a lease agreement without combing through it with a fine comb. Check to see what all your deposit and rent payments cover. Whether bills, damages and repairs and included and also what the restrictions are. Never sign or agree to something you are not comfortable with and know what your rights and responsibilities, as a tenant will be, as well as what the landlord is responsible for.

Keep detailed records: If you are planning to rent an apartment that comes with furniture, kitchen goods and the like, make sure that you do a thorough check of what all is included and what state they are in. Keep records and preferably list them with the landlord and a witness, so that there is no hassle about it later. If there are damages, breakage or stains ensure that it is all noted down. Also if you are replacing or repairing anything in the house during your stay, keep detailed records, pictures and bills of those as well.

Talk to experts and reliable real estate agents who will show you a whole host of properties like Kamal Khetan’s Sunteck and give you all the information you may need.

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