Top mistakes home owners make when selling their homes, as per Kamal Khetan.

Selling your home can be an exciting prospect as you try to find the right people to own what once was your dream abode. While you may have found the perfect place to call home, you need to ensure that you sell your current home and give it into right hands. The first thing that you may think of is hiring a good real estate agent. However, you must opt for the quality of the services provided by him instead of the price being charged. Kamal Khetan is involved in creating breathtaking real estate masterpieces and would never settle for the second best when it comes to selecting a real estate agent. Essentially, experience makes an immense difference. However, going solely by an agent’s years of experience may not always work to your benefit. You may also have to take note of the quality of his work by measuring his years of experience with the sales he has had thus far.

Although you own the home, you are not entitled to set a price for your home that you fancy. You need to essentially take into consideration several market conditions and the existing price range before you set the price. Usually, the potential buyers do their homework and are well aware of the existing price range for buying homes. Therefore, if you quote a price that is way beyond the existing price range, your potential buyers may look elsewhere. Kamal Khetan encourages real estate development wherein the prices remain transparent. What you see is what you get.

You may not realize it but presentation matters. You cannot expect your potential buyers to walk into a home that has stained, grimy walls and broken tiles and chipped paint and expect them to fall in love with the home and buy it in the blink of an eye. It never works that way and therefore, before you even contemplate selling your home, you must consider getting your home neat and tidy and ensure that it looks presentable and alluring.

Ensure that your potential buyer is capable to pay off home loans. Generally, buyers may act like the ideal choice but may lack the necessary resources. In such cases, you may lose out on better deals from other, more competent buyers. Therefore, it is important to do background checks on your potential buyers and ask them to furnish you with the necessary documents to prove their eligibility.

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